Issue Position: Marco's Plan for Transportation in the New American Century

Issue Position

America could not have flourished in the 20th Century without up-to-date transportation infrastructure. Unfortunately, our infrastructure needs have evolved dramatically over 60 years, but the transportation system -- and politicians in Washington -- have not changed with them.

We successfully built a national highway system in the last century, but now we need local flexibility to address our diverse nation's many different needs and problems. The federal gas tax feeds Washington's overspending. Transportation dollars are taken from the states and funnelled through a Highway Trust Fund that is pillaged every year by Washington special interests. And decades-old federal red tape adds cost and stands in the way of innovative solutions.

Today, the Highway Trust Fund is running out of money, and the political establishments of both parties are propping it up with the same stale policies of the past. We can't keep putting more money into this broken system. Marco will take a new approach in building the infrastructure for the next American century.

As President, Marco will:
Cut Outdated Gas Taxes

Reduce the federal gasoline tax rate by 80 percent.
Veto any gas-tax increase.

Empower States to Innovate

Turn back control of the highways to the states, stopping special interests in Washington from building "Bridges to Nowhere" and engaging in other wasteful spending.
Free states from the strings that come attached to federal funding.
Remove barriers to public-private partnerships.

Find Common-Sense Savings

Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act that inflates government costs by billions every year and is a giveaway of taxpayer dollars to labor unions.
Phase out the Mass Transit Account, which loots the Highway Trust Fund.
Stop diverting highway funds to unnecessary pet projects.