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Issue Position: Immigration & Border Security

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2016

I do not support amnesty. No one who has come to this country illegally should be allowed to obtain taxpayer benefits.
We have an illegal immigration problem because our legal immigration system is seriously flawed, overly bureaucratic and many of our immigration laws have not been enforced.

First, we must secure our borders using every technological tool available and all the manpower necessary, including use of our military forces. This is critical from a national security perspective -- particularly in light of the new threats we face from terrorists organizations.

Second, we should replace the current federal laws that allow citizenship via family ties with a work or military service requirement.

Third, we must establish easy-to-use guest worker and high skilled visa programs so that our farmers can get the labor that they need at a reasonable cost (and without the threat of being sued by US Legal Services) and our businesses can get the advanced skilled labor they need for product development. The current programs are so bureaucratic and costly they contribute significantly to our illegal immigration problem.

We cannot grow the economy and create a stronger, more vibrant middle class without the high skilled labor necessary for product development, which is so important to creating wealth, and the low skilled labor needed to keep our food supply from rotting in the field.

Fourth, we should reform our welfare programs so that only the invalid can obtain benefits. Everyone who is able-bodied must work. Our welfare programs and entitlement culture are the primary reasons why employers have such a hard time finding people who are qualified and want to work.