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Issue Position: Healthcare

Issue Position

There is no question that our health care system needs to be reformed.

Even before Obamacare, we had too much government intervention and control -- the very reason why health care costs continue to increase at exponential rates. This is one of the primary threats to long-term economic growth in this country.

Obamacare must be repealed, and our healthcare system significantly reformed in order to bring down the cost of individual health care. We must enact free market reforms in order to increase competition among health insurance companies, attract more of the very best and brightest to the health care profession, and increase transparency if we expect to reduce the cost of health care. We must also have medical malpractice reform so that doctors aren't practicing defense medicine by adding unnecessary tests that drive up costs as they guard themselves against potential lawsuit.

Increased health care costs not only hurt working families, but also are putting a major pinch on all taxpayers in the form of increasing costs of Medicare and Medicaid. The less costly health care is, the less costly Medicare and Medicaid will become. Medicare and Medicaid are important programs that we must preserve and to do that, we must address the systematic problems facing both programs. Otherwise, the cost of these two government-run programs will be unsustainable and will require a significant increase in taxes to pay for even fewer benefits than recipients of these programs currently receive today.