Issue Position: Foreign Affairs

Issue Position

Because the world is so interconnected, matters and events in places we've hardly heard of can affect America's economy and security. Both our allies and our enemies are watching our every move.

When America was strong, the world was stable and peaceful. But now, world leaders have told me in our regular meetings that our allies do not know where America stands.

The world knew where America, led by President Reagan, stood during the Cold War. When he was against a hostile Russia, President Reagan obtained concessions on missile defense with his strong negotiations. He formed our military, initiated Soviet Union economic challenges, and added to the international pressure. America won the Cold War with no violence.

Unlike President Reagan, President Obama showed his weakness in the Iran deal and has conceded again and again to the biggest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world. President Obama should have ordered the Iranians to release the four innocent American hostages, keeping all sanctions in place and sustaining pressure so that Iran would be forced to concede to a more favorable deal.

ISIS became a main danger to national security almost two years ago, yet President Obama still does not have a complete plan to defeat them.

President Obama is risking America's national security by playing games with world crises. As a leader on terrorism and cyber security, I am working with our allies to increase America's national security on issues of intelligence, financing terrorists, and cyber security.

China is on the rise in global affairs, but it is also growing in cyber attacks, violations of human rights, and Pacific aggression. In Congress, I am committed to and actively working to monitor human rights abuse and freedom of religion in China, and around the world.

America is not the "world's policeman," but we do make the world and our community safer by supporting freedom, clearly supporting our allies, and implementing safety borders from our enemies.

The United States is a symbol of freedom for the world. It is our responsibility to help those being persecuted for their religion, fight tyranny, and defend freedom because of our commitment to the fight for human rights.

Our nation is blessed to have the respect of the free world, and we must uphold liberty for people around the globe.