Ross Votes to Repeal ObamaCare and Protect the Unborn


Date: Jan. 6, 2016
Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Dennis A. Ross (FL-15), Senior Deputy Majority Whip, released the following statement after voting to pass H.R. 3762, Restoring Americans' Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, which provides reconciliations to the FY16 Budget to dismantle ObamaCare, protect taxpayer dollars and lives, and invest in women's health care:

"Today, I proudly voted in favor of the Restoring Americans' Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act because it repeals the core pillars of ObamaCare that stifle medical innovation and cost jobs, as well as ensures taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortion providers.

"Since first being elected into Congress more than five years ago, I have tirelessly fought to repeal and replace ObamaCare, which has drastically raised the cost of health care and was sold to the American people with broken promises. However, Republicans have been hamstrung by Senate procedures that allowed Democrats to filibuster and block the consideration of this long overdue repeal. With the new Republican majority in the Senate, this repeal will finally reach the President's desk for his signature. A veto of this bill will force President Obama to explain to Americans why he chooses to ignore their concerns, especially regarding something as personal as one's health care.

"Health insurance premiums for Floridians are already expected to spike nearly 10 percent in 2016, with some health care plans increasing as much as 16 percent. Forcing Americans, Floridians and employers, under the penalty of higher taxes, to purchase and provide coverage of the government's choosing causes these devastating premium hikes and damages our health care system. We do not need the overreaching federal government making our health care decisions, cutting health care options, and denying seniors access to care.

"This bill further defends the lives of innocent babies and prevents abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, from receiving federal mandatory funding. These funds will instead be invested in community health centers that provide accessible care to women, men, and children. As Americans, we have a moral obligation to protect the rights of the unborn, who are the most helpless of victims. As a member of the Pro-Life Congressional Caucus, I am committed to preserving our nation's traditional family values, including protecting the sanctity of life.

"Moving forward, my Republican colleagues and I cannot simply be the party of repeal. We must continue to offer viable solutions and support efforts to enact real health care reform that returns health care decisions from federal bureaucrats to Americans and their physicians."