Issue Position: Economy, Jobs, and Tax Reform

Issue Position

The growth of our economy is necessary in order for the United States and its citizens to prosper. In order for our economy to grow, we need to have an environment where Hoosier businesses can create jobs for Hoosier workers. With the highest corporate income tax rate in the world, America is at a disadvantage. That is why I have sponsored legislation to lower the corporate income tax rate and level the playing field to make America more competitive in the global marketplace.

I have also sponsored legislation to reduce rates and simplify our tax code. Reform is necessary to ensure American workers can keep more of their hard earned money in their pockets. Instead of penalizing businesses and individuals with higher taxes, we should promote policies that encourage investment and growth in our economy. The tax code should not be a vehicle for federal bureaucrats to pick the winners and losers. By simplifying the process, we can eliminate unfair loopholes and make it possible for the average American to file his or her own taxes.

The regulatory burden Americans and American businesses face is daunting and unneeded. It is the result of an out-of-control bureaucracy that has gotten too big to control in a lot of respects. I have fought to pass legislation that will shrink the oversized federal government, generate economic growth, and create more jobs in Indiana. I have also initiated a program with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce that gives Hoosier businesses another tool in their toolbox to combat government overregulation. This program, called Red Tape Rollback, identifies and combats unnecessary federal regulations that kill jobs and prevent economic growth.