Issue Position: Healthcare

Issue Position

I strongly oppose Obamacare and believe it is a gross overreach by the Federal Government. This law is one of the biggest lies ever told to the American people, and therefore, one of our nation's most insidious laws. It took the control of our healthcare system away from states and individuals and put more of it into the hands of the Federal Government. Obamacare costs over $2 trillion, increases taxes, and increases the cost of private insurance, leaving many Americans still uninsured. Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced with a market-based solution that allows for competition and innovation within the healthcare system. I have co-sponsored and passed through the House multiple pieces of legislation that would repeal Obamacare, increase access to affordable healthcare, improve access to medical insurance, and encourage a more competitive healthcare market.

Obamacare has also dramatically expanded Medicaid and has created problems for low-income Hoosier families. Without reform, it will continue to bankrupt states and force doctors out of Medicaid services completely. This is why I wrote legislation that reforms Medicaid and restores control and flexibility to the states.

I also helped write a bill that completely replaces Obamacare with free-market, consumer-driven reforms. It has been endorsed by the Indiana State Medical Association.