Issue Position: Taxes and Spending

Issue Position

For the sake of our economy, job growth, and future generations, Washington's overspending and rising debt must be fixed. In 2015, our national debt exceeded $18.5 trillion--and it's still growing!

We are on an unsustainable, dangerous fiscal path.

The fiscal recklessness in Washington not only makes us weaker by putting us further into debt, but it also hurts our economy and employment. It wastes taxpayer money that would be better invested by the American people themselves.

Rising debt erodes faith in our economic independence, our finances, and the credibility of our government. If left unchecked, future generations will inherit a weakened nation that can no longer provide an adequate safety net for the poor, keep its promises to retirees, and ensure the national security of the American people.

Pat believes that it would be irresponsible to pass along such massive red ink to our children and grandchildren. He believes it's important to bring spending under control and have a federal government that lives within its means. Pat supports a balanced budget amendment to the U. S. Constitution and a permanent ban on earmarks.

Lastly, Pat has been a champion for taxpayers and an opponent of Washington's never-ending thirst for more tax dollars. Rather than more tax hikes, Pat believes that our tax system is broken and needs to be overhauled. He supports closing special-interest loopholes and lowering rates for all Americans. Pat believes that tax reform--if done the right way--would increase paychecks for middle-class families and boost job creation across Pennsylvania.