Graves Votes to Reauthorize ESEA


Date: Dec. 2, 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: K-12 Education

U.S. Representative Sam Graves issued the following statement after the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 passed the House this evening. The bill reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act (ESEA), replacing No Child Left Behind, and is expected to be signed into law by President Obama in the coming weeks.

"The federal government continues to push further and further into local schools districts," Rep. Graves said. "Teachers and administrators should be able to focus on one thing and one thing only -- preparing children to lead productive and fulfilling lives. But federal mandates and one-size-fits-all testing systems have made that impossible.

"I am proud that the House tonight passed ESEA reauthorization that will end No Child Left Behind, prohibit the federal government from forcing states to adopt Common Core standards, and empower local governments to make decisions based on the needs of individual communities."