Issue Position: Jobs & Economy

Issue Position

I will defend the free market

"Re-vitalizing Free Enterprise is the solution to our economic problems and to creating more private sector jobs. My plan to do so is called the JOBS Act, H.R. 2373. JOBS is an acronym for Jump-starting Our Business Sector. It is based upon immediate tax cuts. These reductions in the tax burden on business -- the backbone of our economy, will enable them to grow again and to create jobs."

President Obama and the Democrats absolutely have absolutely no solutions to create economic growth and new jobs. Their policies are just plain wrong. Higher taxes, more spending, more borrowing and debt, along with over-regulation and the burden of ObamaCare, are failures that cause needless pain in our economy. The proof is that unemployment remains far too high. Too many people are underemployed. Too many people have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. College students find themselves graduating into a suppressed job market.

Excessive federal taxes and over-bearing, unreasonable, often irrational, regulations destroy jobs. They are disincentives to the free market. We must end the hostility of government to business. We need to get government out of the way so our economy can grow. That is exactly what my JOBS Bill was designed to do.

American families, business owners, and workers need opportunity and economic certainty. The greatest economic engine in history is our Free Enterprise System. We must set it free to work again at maximum efficiency.

Will you help me in the fight to get government out of the way so we can create more American jobs?