ISIS is Not Contained

Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 18, 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Foreign Affairs


Mr. WENSTRUP. Mr. Speaker, ISIS is not contained. It is not enough to try and contain terrorists in the Middle East. They have proven capable of a global reach.

Mere hope isn't going to win this, nor is sporadic, short-term planning. American leadership and an international coalition are required.

The U.S. should move to indefinitely suspend resettling Syrian refugees here. The records simply do not exist in a war-torn Syria to properly vet individuals with needed confidence.

All involved will be better served with an established safe haven in the Middle East and addressing the root cause that provides a motive for people to leave their own homeland.

Our first responsibility is to protect our Nation. No one wants to fight this war here. The world must defeat this ideology and its evildoers at their doorstep, not ours.

Our Nation recognizes that we need a short- and a long-term strategy, a smart use of force, and a greater commitment to victory. Eliminating the threat we face from the enemies of freedom is the challenge of this generation of Americans.

Mr. Speaker, our children are counting on us.