Continuing the Obamacare Fight


Date: Jan. 29, 2016

It should come as a surprise to no one that President Obama would veto the repeal of a health care law that bears his name. However, the fact that a repeal could get through the full Congress and to the President's desk demonstrates what Republican majorities could do when there's a Republican back in the White House.

We could bring relief to families and small businesses who have faced crippling premium increases, and a reversal for those who have been forced to give up their doctor or a plan they liked to become another number in a big government exchange.

It would mean we could replace Obamacare with health care reforms that focus on patient-centered care and address rising health care costs.

We are so close. With your support, I will continue to stand up against this administration and will work to ensure Americans have choices for quality, affordable health care coverage.