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Federal Land Action Group Holds Forum "Improving Public Land Management Through More Local Control"

Press Release

Date: Feb. 10, 2016
Location: Washington, DC

Chairman of the Federal Lands Action Group, Rep. Chris Stewart, and Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Rep. Rob Bishop, hosted their third forum in a series aimed at exploring best practices with regard to public land management and ownership.

The forum included witnesses representing experts in the fields of public land policy. Witnesses presented testimony and answered questions from members of Congress in the action group.

In his opening remarks, Rep. Chris Stewart said, "Times are tough in much of the rural West. Recent events have illustrated that lands issues are contentious and getting more so. In our two previous forums we explored some of the problems in current federal land management and we raised several promising solutions for devolving control over public lands away from the federal government and to those closer to the lands. Today, we took a more detailed look at several of the ideas that have been raised in previous forums."

Rep. Rob Bishop said, "As the President has unveiled his latest budget proposal, it is clear he is not interested in smart solutions. He continues to throw money into failed land management programs. This forum has demonstrated that, not only are there better ways to budget resources, but there are better ways to manage federal lands."