Wenstrup Supports House Long Term Highway Bill

Press Release

Date: Nov. 6, 2015
Location: Washington, DC

After a series of short extensions this year, the House of Representatives passed a long term highway bill Thursday for the nation's roads and transportation systems without any tax increases. Congressman Brad Wenstrup, who supported the package of House amendments to authorize a 6 year highway and transit bill, cited the need to provide certainty for major infrastructure projects across the country.

"Some of our major infrastructure projects take years to complete, and long term certainty from Congress will help fix our roads," Wenstrup said. "The House is working for the American people. After considering over 200 amendments, a bipartisan majority overwhelming passed the House's version that gives states and localities greater flexibility and works to speed up the completion of projects."

The legislation now heads to a joint Conference Committee with the Senate, to negotiate and reconcile differences. Wenstrup says he did not vote for this move because he has significant concerns that the Senate will include provisions unrelated to transportation issues.