Issue Position: Budget and Economy

Issue Position

I have spoken to many Missourians throughout the district and one of their top concerns is how Washington is spending more money than it brings in. The current rate of spending is unsustainable! Our country's debt crisis has met its boiling point, threatening our economic recovery and our children's future opportunities. It is imperative we get our nation's spending problem under control and get our budgetary priorities straight.

As a member of the Budget Committee, I have helped craft budgets that balance. Now we need the political will to follow them. We need to get our priorities right as a nation, supporting those directives outlined in our Constitution such as providing for the common defense, rethinking whether the federal government has a role in other areas of spending, and reforming needed programs that have become bloated and unsustainable. Our economy is on the brink of collapse as the debt grows exponentially. If we want to avoid heaping mountains of debt on our children and grandchildren, we have to take a stand now to stop the runaway spending. Just as American families must manage and prioritize their budgets, the federal government must seriously change its spending patterns and many federal agencies and programs need to be streamlined or restructured to maximize productivity.

I have supported legislation to combat this reckless spending spree. Congress needs a firm structure in place to restrict its ability to spend uncontrollably. In addition to co-sponsoring balanced budget amendments, I continue to support and vote for legislation that freezes or cuts funding for federal programs and agencies that have ballooned to unsustainable sizes. Getting our fiscal house in order is a priority of the Fourth District of Missouri and it is a priority of mine as your representative.

In addition to cutting wasteful spending, we need to grow the economy in order to balance the budget. We need to get people back to work and encourage the growth of good-paying jobs. This can be done by getting Washington out of the way of job creation. Specific actions which will unleash economic growth in American businesses include:

Less government regulations
A fairer tax code
The ability to access necessary capital
Affordable health care
Access to affordable energy
Stability and certainty coming from Washington

I am a small business owner; I have experience creating jobs. I know how to balance a budget. So do you. Washington needs to learn how to balance its budget, as well. As your representative, I have and will continue to support the keys to job growth so we can get our economy going, businesses flourishing, and families prospering. It is possible.