Issue Position: Senior Citizen

Issue Position

As a granddaughter who was close to my grandparents growing up and someone who has worked with senior citizens my entire life, I have a special place in my heart and the utmost respect for those who have led the way in the country so long. Many of them have served this nation, sacrificed for future generations, and put their life on the lines for our freedoms. We owe it to them and future seniors to ensure the strength and solvency of those programs they need and rely on.

Government programs our nation's seniors rely on need help. According to the annual reports of the Medicare and Social Security Trustees, both programs will run out of funds within the next 25 years. Medicare is projected to run out of money by 2026. While not as imminent of a threat, in 2033, the Social Security trust's funds will be insolvent, and payments to beneficiaries would immediately have to be cut by 23 percent. Reforms must be made now to ensure the long-term solvency of these programs so today's seniors and tomorrow's beneficiaries can rest assured these programs will be there when they are needed.

Additionally, seniors shouldn't have to worry their children or grandchildren will have to sell the family farm or business when they inherit it due to the estate tax. It is an injustice the federal government would levy a tax making it impossible to continue a family business after a loved one passes. Uncle Sam shouldn't be collecting another round of taxes on something that has already been taxed for years simply because of a death. I am committed to undoing this injustice to preserve what seniors have worked so hard for to pass on their family.

Since taking office, I have worked hard to preserve Medicare, rein in taxation for seniors, advocate for important medical research, and protect Social Security. There are many challenges facing senior citizens today. We need to take measures now to make sure the most vital programs are not one of those challenges down the road.