Issue Position: Tax Reform

Issue Position

There is no doubt that the federal tax code is oppressively complex, containing thousands of pages of statutes, regulations, and rulings. At the same time that our system is becoming riddled with loopholes and inconsistent approaches to tax credits, fewer Americans are actually paying federal income taxes. In 2010, almost fifty percent of Americans paid no federal income taxes, leaving half of taxpayers to shoulder an ever-growing tax burden.

In light of this challenging tax climate, I am committed to studying innovative proposals to overhaul the federal tax code--proposals that broaden the tax base, simplify the tax code, and change the current marginal rates that reflect the priorities of many Fourth District Constituents.

Historically, the federal government has made shortsighted and irresponsible decisions when managing your hard-earned tax dollars. I believe control over your money should remain in your hands--where your priorities and values can govern your personal spending. Getting the government out of our personal decision making is central to getting our economy moving again.

More taxes are not what our country needs. The federal government's debt did not come about because taxes are too low, but because spending is too high. Comprehensive tax reform that simplifies our tax code and combats tax fraud remains one of my top priorities.