Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill Increasing Awareness of Human Trafficking, Supporting Victims


Date: April 5, 2016
Location: Lansing, MI

People who live in or travel through Michigan will have increased access to Human Trafficking support information as part of an awareness effort created under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder.

"Michigan has some of the strongest policies in the nation to help support trafficking victims and prevent this horrible crime," Snyder said. "Further increasing the visibility of important help line information and national support services goes one step further in encouraging an end to this dangerous and appalling practice."

House Bill 5107, sponsored by state Rep. Kurt Heise, requires the National Human Trafficking Hotline number to be posted at rest stops and welcome facilities, bus and rail stations, airports and places where trafficked persons may be located. The bill aims to increase public awareness and reporting of human trafficking. The bill is now Public Act 62 of 2016.

Snyder signed an additional 14 bills:

Senate Bills 374-381, sponsored by state Sens. Curtis Hertel, Peter MacGregor, David Knezek, Wayne Schmidt, Margaret O'Brien, Rebekah Warren, Jim Marleau and Coleman Young, update language in a series of existing public health codes. The term "venereal disease" will be replaced with "sexually transmitted infection" bringing the legislation in line with modern medical terminology. The bills are now PAs 63-70.

SB 592, also sponsored by Hertel, aims to increase the rate of successful organ transplants by allowing a federally designated organ procurement organization (OPO) to obtain human organs at a site other than a hospital or other LARA designated facility, as long as that site is operated by the OPO. It is now PA 71.

HB 4418, sponsored by state Rep. Lee Chatfield, creates an exemption to seasonal weight restrictions for vehicles transporting agricultural commodities to allow for spring transport of maple sap. It is now PA 72.

HB 4813, sponsored by state Rep. Amanda Price, creates more apprenticeship opportunities for aspiring electricians by allowing additional trainees to study under a master electrician. The bill will help increase education opportunities in the field. It is now PA 73.

HB 5006, sponsored by state Rep. Tom Cochran, designates the portion of Business Route I-96 within the city limits of Lansing as the "Lansing Firefighter Dennis E. Rodeman Memorial Highway". Dennis E. Rodeman, 35, was a seven-year firefighter and emergency medical technician with the Lansing Fire Department. He was killed by a hit-and-run driver while collecting donations for charity on Sept. 9, 2015. It is now PA 74.

HB 4537, sponsored by state Rep. Andrea LaFontaine, prohibits an employer from discriminating against, disciplining or discharging an employee, who is part of the Civil Air Patrol, following an absence if the employee was responding to an emergency declared by the Governor or the President of the U.S. It is now PA 75.

HB 5192, sponsored by state Rep. Chris Afendoulis, clarifies that only licensed certified public accountants have the authority to perform attestation services and further defines the practice of accounting. It is now PA 76.