Issue Position: Standing Up to Washington Politicians

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2016

As a new member of Congress, I have seen just how broken Washington is, and I am fed up with politicians who put themselves before our country. During the government shutdown, I refused to accept my pay - donating it to a local veterans' charity instead. I have opposed Congressional pay raises and continue to fight to suspend pay for Congress until a budget is passed.

I am deeply concerned about the current campaign finance system, because I don't believe corporations should be allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. In Congress, I have co-sponsored several constitutional amendments that would reverse the Supreme Court's misguided Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions. When I was in the California Assembly, I championed campaign finance reform as author of the California Disclose Act that would require the top donors of political advertisements for candidates and initiatives to be clearly identified on all mediums of political advertising, whether TV, radio or print. This is common-sense legislation that will allow voters to be better informed about the information they receive. I am working to create the same transparency on a national level as a co-sponsor of the federal DISCLOSE Act.

"Brownley donates salary from shutdown to veteran causes," The Ventura County Star, 12/21/13