Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

I will always keep our country's commitment to today's and tomorrow's seniors. Balancing our budget does not mean doing so off the backs of America's seniors, who have paid a lifetime into Medicare and Social Security. I will vigorously oppose proposals that unfairly target seniors, who have played by the rules and worked for the benefits they have earned.

Social Security is an American success story and part of the fabric that safeguards economic security and independence for seniors and the disabled. I will also strongly oppose Republican proposals to end the Medicare guarantee, which would drastically reduce benefits and cause health care and prescription drug costs to skyrocket. I am absolutely committed to protecting and preserving Medicare for all beneficiaries. Approximately 50 million Americans rely on Medicare, so it has to work.

"Julia Brownley has been a champion for seniors. She'll protect Medicare and Social Security for today's and tomorrow's seniors."- Hank Lacayo, President of the California Congress for Seniors