Issue Position: Women's Rights

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2016

Karen Bass is committed to protecting a woman's abortion rights. As a former Physician's Assistant, she knows that a woman's decisions about her body should be between herself, her partner, her family and her doctor. Karen is concerned about efforts across the country to roll back abortion rights, and she opposed Republican efforts in Congress to take away healthcare tax credits under the Affordable Care Act if the insurer provides abortion coverage.

Karen is a strong advocate for access to comprehensive, affordable health care and will continue to fight against those who seek to limit women's rights to comprehensive health care.

Karen has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, EMILY's List and the Human Rights Campaign. When President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act required insurance companies to fully cover the cost of birth control, Karen advocated strongly for the complete coverage of contraceptives. "Birth control, family planning services should be a routine part of health care. Of course the insurance plans should cover it."