Issue Position: Early Childhood Education

Issue Position

Expanding access to quality education, starting with preschool, is Jared's top priority. Before serving in Congress, Jared served as the Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education and founded two charter school networks serving at-risk kids. He currently serves as a senior member of the House Education and Workforce Committee.

Jared has taken his business and education policy background to Washington DC to push for smart reforms and innovation. Jared has a bedrock belief that building an excellent public education system that expands quality education opportunities for all, is the single best investment we can make in our collective future. As one of the lead authors of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2016, Jared played a central role in ensuring our federal education policy fosters accountability while empowering states to enact policies that work for them instead of federal "one size fits all" model that was the basis of the flawed "No Child Left Behind."

That's why Jared is fighting to:

* Ensure that every family, no matter their ethnic or economic background, has access to affordable education.

* Empower schools to help students achieve, not subject students and teachers to a one-size-fits-all system.

* Invest in STEM programs, high quality charter schools and duel enrollment programs.