Flint Residents Deserve Action By Their Government

Floor Speech

Date: May 16, 2016
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. KILDEE. Mr. Speaker, my hometown of Flint is still facing a crisis: 100,000 people still cannot turn on their tap and have access to safe drinking water.

This Congress faces a multitude of public health crises--Zika, the opioid epidemic--but Congress must also do its job and act on Flint to aid the people that I represent of my hometown that are still suffering and still cannot drink the water coming out of the tap--100,000 people.

This is a disaster. It is a crisis that demands Congress to act. Congress should do its job and immediately take up the Families of Flint Act, legislation that I have introduced that has over 150 cosponsors, 150 Members of this body cosponsoring legislation that would replace those damaged lead service lines, provide public health service and wraparound services, especially for children who can overcome the impact of lead exposure, but just need help in order to do so.

Families in Flint have waited too long. Congress has to do its job and act on the Flint crisis.