Letter to Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner, US Customs and Border Protection - Lightweight Thermal Paper Industry


Dear Commissioner Kerlikowske:

We are writing in regards to the U.S. lightweight thermal paper (LWTP) industry. It is our understanding that LWTP importers continue to threaten a fair domestic marketplace by evading their duty obligations. In a 2014 letter, CBP provided data on steps it had taken to address this issue, and we ask that you send us an updated report of that information.

As you know, less than two years ago, the International Trade Commission determined to continue antidumping and countervailing duty orders imposed on Chinese imports of LWTP products. These duties have been in place since 2008. They are critical to protecting domestic industry from unfair trade practices.

Unfortunately, importers have evaded these orders by fraudulently entering the domestic marketplace. Importers have transshipped their products through third countries and submitted falsified import documentation including country-of-origin certificates. CBP has consulted with the domestic industry to combat these practices, which we are grateful for, but we are concerned that this problem persists and may be getting worse.

We respectfully request an updated report on the number of duty evasion cases CBP has identified, penalty notices CBP has issued, and other legal or administrative actions CBP has taken, both in total and since our last correspondence in 2014.

We thank you for your consideration of this request. We look forward to helping in whatever capacity as you work to ensure a fair domestic marketplace for U.S. LWTP manufacturers.