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Issue Position: Economy and Jobs

Issue Position

These efforts require bipartisan ideas and cooperation. The federal government must work with the private sector to make key investments in education and infrastructure that will make us more competitive in the future. To stimulate economic growth and job creation, the government needs to ensure a fair playing field and protect both workers and businesses.

Economic inequality is growing rapidly in America, and the middle class is shrinking. Working families all over the country are still suffering from the economic devastation caused by the Great Recession. Although the economy has seen slow and steady progress, we must do more to help our working families in Minnesota. Congress must work to promote a thriving middle class and create the jobs needed to close the economic inequality gap. I am firmly committed to ensuring that working people in America still have the ability and opportunity to achieve success in this country.

Part of what makes our country great is that in times of economic misfortune, we pull together as Americans and help those who are in need. As the economy recovers, I am committed to making sure we have a safety net in place, including unemployment insurance, to ensure that those who are out of work, those struggling to find work, and the working poor are not destitute.