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Johnson's LNG Export Legislation Included as Part of Critical Defense Act


Date: May 18, 2016
Location: Salem, OH

Representative Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) issued the following statement after the House passed legislation which included his LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act. Johnson's legislation simply expedites the process of approving liquefied natural gas (LNG) export permits that have been mired in bureaucratic red-tape at the Department of Energy (DOE):

"This is a big deal. My legislation provides the DOE with a meaningful deadline to make decisions on pending applications -- applications that have already completed and gone through an extensive environmental review process. The legislation will bring much needed certainty to a permitting process for projects that that have the potential of creating thousands of jobs for American workers. America is now the largest producer of natural gas -- in fact, we have an excess supply we can sell to our allies across the globe. It's critical that we take advantage of this opportunity we've been blessed with, and this legislation allows America to do just that.

"It's appropriate that this legislation was included as part of the Fiscal Year National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, H.R. 4909), because from a national security perspective, exporting more of our own natural gas will help strengthen our allies, and will begin to rein in Vladimir Putin's use of energy resources as his geopolitical weapon of choice.

"I'm now very hopeful that this provision of the NDAA will be signed into law by President Obama. If he truly wants to create jobs, put America out front as the world's top energy producer, and help America more effectively deal with Russian aggression, this is a no-brainer."