Reed Stands with Troops

Press Release

Date: June 20, 2016

Tom Reed continued to stand with our troops by voting in favor of the 2017 Department of Defense Appropriations Act. The bill funds the United States military and its operations. "We care about making sure our troops have the resources they need to stay safe and complete their missions," said Reed. "After sacrificing so much for us, it's only right that we come together and ensure they have the funding they need."

The bill increases defense spending by $3 billion dollars above last year and includes a 2.1% pay raise for military personnel. It also eliminates the Administration's proposed troop reductions, while increasing funding for equipment including new F-35s fighter planes, Ohio-class submarines and Blackhawk helicopters. A number of the components contained in this equipment are manufactured in Western New York and the Southern Tier. "We have a workforce that is second to none and this bill helps them build and make the tools that keep our men and women in uniform safe," said Reed.

The bill also increases funding by almost $2 billion dollars for Defense Health and Military Family programs, including roughly $300 million for sexual assault prevention and response. "This funding will provide resources that victims of sexual assault need for recovery. We stand with them and join together to say "no more' to sexual assault."

The bill now goes on to the Senate for further consideration.