Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill Increasing State Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund

Press Release

Date: June 23, 2016
Location: Lansing, MI

An increase in the Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund will allow the state to better respond to emergencies under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder.

"Ensuring more funds are available will allow the state to react fast and protect Michiganders better in the event of an emergency or natural disaster," Snyder said.

Senate Bill 914, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Nofs, increases the amount the state can hold in its Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund from $4.5 million to $10 million. The fund has been used to help cover the cost of response efforts in Flint and for severe storm clean up in parts of the state when federal emergency reimbursement is not available. Increasing the limit on this fund will ensure the state is better prepared to respond to emergencies. It is now Public Act 220 of 2016.

Snyder also signed 13 additional bills:

SB 292, sponsored by state Sen. John Proos, requires executive budget proposals to include a report of annual required employer contributions for both pension and retiree health unfunded liabilities. This bill codifies the transparency practice already put in place by the current administration. It is now PA 221.

SB 673, sponsored by state Sen. Ken Horn, extends the sunset of the Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act (OPRA) from Dec. 31, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2026. OPRA has been a successful tool in developing and maintaining vibrant communities across Michigan by significantly reducing the tax burden to redevelop contaminated, blighted or obsolete properties. It is now PA 222.

SB 883, sponsored by state Sen. Dave Hildenbrand, establishes the Michigan Infrastructure Fund, which may be used in future years to help state and local governments deal with challenges related to aging infrastructure of all kinds. The budget approved by the Legislature includes $5 million for the current year. It is now PA 223.

SBs 599, 600 and 737, sponsored by state Sen. Peter MacGregor; SBs 601 and 602, sponsored by state Sen. Dale Zorn; SBs 603 and 604, sponsored by state Sens. Darwin Booher and Curtis Hertel, respectively; and HBs 5164 and 5165, sponsored by state Reps. Lee Chatfield and Jason Sheppard, respectively, create a standardized fee for documents needed to be recorded by local registers of deeds, reducing errors and delays in transactions by specifying fees in advance. The bills were filed in numeric order and are now PAs 224-232.

SB 610, sponsored by state Sen. Margaret O'Brien, clarifies developer and owner association rights regarding planned portions of condominium developments that have not been constructed. The bill allows developers to remove proposed units from a development plan if they have not been labeled "must be built" and have not been constructed 10 years after the deed was recorded. It is now PA 233.