Issue Position: Transportation and Infrastructure

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2016

Investing in 21st Century Infrastructure

Our nation's network of highways and bridges, seaways and ports, aviation and rail move the people and products that power commerce. Without strong transportation infrastructure, the U.S. would be unable to compete in a global marketplace. The main hurdle to keeping this network strong is stable funding. But, American taxpayers cannot be expected to bear more of the burden for federal infrastructure projects until government first does their job to not spend more than they have and ensure each dollar is spent efficiently and wisely.

To build and maintain a strong infrastructure network, we must find commonsense funding alternatives to raising taxes. One proposal I have supported would give states greater control over raising and allocating infrastructure funding by cutting the existing federal gas tax and replacing it with state-based fuel taxes to ensure that more of the revenue generated in Florida stays in Florida. I have also supported a proposal that encourages corporations through tax incentives to repatriate offshore income by purchasing federal bonds, which states and local governments can utilize to fund infrastructure projects. By giving states and local governments access to cheap financing, infrastructure needs can be met more inexpensively, more efficiently, and without layers of burdensome federal bureaucracy -- and without a tax increase.