Issue Position: Jobs for Local Families

Issue Position

Despite the national recovery, economic growth in Riverside County has been slow to rebound and unemployment remains high. As a teacher and College Board Trustee, Mark Takano has worked to expand local job training programs and job creating local investments like the new medical school at UCR Riverside. Bringing good-paying jobs to Riverside County will be his top priority in Congress.

Mark will fight for tax credits for small businesses that create new jobs and to cut red tape and bureaucracy to make it easier for employers to hire and secure loans.

Mark believes that Congress must do more to help states and local governments keep teachers and public safety personnel on the job. Mark recognizes that Congress must get serious about addressing the budget deficit and the national debt, but not at the risk of our tenuous economic recovery.

Green Jobs
Mark supports job-training and vocational education in our local schools to teach students how to build solar panels, weatherize homes, and perform the jobs of the future. Mark supports grants to community colleges to form partnerships with local businesses, experts, non- profits, and community leaders to allow California to once again become the world leader in renewable energy and jobs of the future.

Investing in Infrastructure
With interest rates low, and so many in the construction industry out of work, Mark Takano believes it's time to issue bonds to rebuild our roads, our schools, and our town squares. By doing so, we can lock in low borrowing rates, put Californians back to work, and create an infrastructure of prosperity for years to come. These investments will reduce traffic, improve our system of public education and put local residents back to work. That's why he'll make sure Riverside County gets its fair share of funding for renovating school buildings, improving roads, highways and bridges, and moving forward with high speed rail -- funding that will create jobs and improve our community.

Scientific Innovation
Mark Takano believes California is the high-tech center of the world and we need a business climate that allows medical innovations, scientific breakthroughs, and technological advances to happen right here at home, at places like UC Riverside. Mark is a strong champion for a UC Riverside Medical School, and will fight to make sure we have a patent system that encourages innovation.

Cutting Red Tape
Mark Takano will fight to make it easier for small businesses to succeed by cutting red tape, reducing bureaucracy, and supporting a small business tax credit. MARK supports reforming federal rules to make it easier for small businesses to get federal contracts, instead of just politically connected mega-corporations. Reform the tax code to stimulate the economy, reduce the deficit, and keep our country strong.