Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

Date: July 20, 2016
Issues: Energy

The U.S. energy sector has experienced rapid changes in just the past few years. Domestic production of oil and gas has surged, lowering gas prices for consumers and creating thousands of well-paid jobs in Ohio and across the country. Congress should encourage this exciting potential for significant job growth and greater energy independence.

I introduced The American Made Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act to help take full advantage of our country's resources. My bipartisan bill would open up untapped oil resources in the Outer Continental Shelf which will raise revenue from new offshore drilling leases and provide a new dedicated source of revenue to fund infrastructure projects, creating thousands of new jobs.

I believe we need to pursue an "all-of-the-above" energy policy that encourages production of traditional and renewable sources, however we must not lose sight of the fact that Ohio is an industrial state, with nearly all of our electricity produced by coal and natural gas power plants.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is pushing regulations that will impose significant increased costs on employers, threatening to kill existing jobs, halt job creation, and pass higher electricity costs directly onto consumers. Rather than place new burdens on employers and consumers, we should encourage job creation by getting the EPA off of Ohioans' backs.