Don Bacon: Clinton Speech Continues The Failed Obama/Pelosi Policies That Brad Ashford Embraces

Press Release

"Tonight, Hillary Clinton failed to unify our nation and instead doubled down on the failed liberal policies we've had from President Obama and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Clinton promised increases in government spending that will drive up our $19 Trillion Debt; her policies will trigger tax hikes on the middle class and our small businesses; and she continues to embrace Obamacare even though Nebraskans overwhelmingly reject it. This big government agenda of Clinton are the same Obama/Pelosi policies that have gotten us into the mess we are in.

Most disappointingly, Clinton once again failed to address concerns about her mishandling of classified information. As someone who served our great nation for 29 years in the Air Force, it is very troubling that a nominee for President would be so reckless with our national security and I am disturbed that she continues to fail to adequately address those concerns.

My opponent, career politician Brad Ashford, serves as the Co-Chairman of Hillary Clinton's Nebraska leadership team and today Ashford's chief of staff mentioned that they are working very closely with Clinton. Brad Ashford is a career politician who will follow Clinton and will not deliver the change we need. No matter what Ashford says, he's linked with Hillary Clinton and would be another vote for the failed Obama/Pelosi policies of the last 8 years."