Ashford Wrong on ISIS

Press Release

Date: June 20, 2016

The Omaha World Herald on June 12th reported that Brad Ashford claims that we have "turned the tide" against ISIS. Unfortunately, this was reported on the same day that 49 Americans were killed by a homegrown terrorist who pledged allegiance to ISIS. Upon return from his first trip to the Middle East as a Congressman, he was reported saying that the "global war on terror is the new reality." He must know our servicemen and women have been non-stop deployed since 9/11 and this war is not a new reality.

Unlike my opponent, I know that ISIS is a clear and growing threat to our nation. In a hearing with Senate lawmakers late last week, CIA Director John Brennan described ISIS as a "formidable, resilient, and largely cohesive enemy" whose numbers "far exceed what al Qaeda had at its height." He also went on to say that our "efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach."

Brad Ashford's statements continue to show he's out of touch when it comes to national security. Congress is supposed to be the "People's House" and not the "Career Politicians' House." My opponent has been a career politician going back over three decades. We need representatives who have been successful outside of politics and who bring those areas of expertise to Washington, D.C. We need Congressmen who have proven themselves as farmers, teachers, medical specialists, and as military professionals.

We have a record low number of veterans in Congress and we need to turn this around. We need more Congressmen who know the Middle East first hand, who have served in NATO, and who know the realities of a growing China and its impact in the Far East. We need more members in Congress who know what it takes to defend America. Clearly, Brad Ashford does not have what it takes.