DCCC Admits That They Are Trying To Smear Don Bacon

Press Release

Date: April 30, 2016
Issues: Elections

"For us to allow him to be on TV for a month talking about how he's a general and getting traction with a compelling narrative, it would have been malpractice"

-- Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Executive Director Kelly Ward as reported in Politico.

Since the day that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee decided to intervene in the NE-02 Republican primary with over $430,000 in TV ads, the conventional wisdom has been that this was an attempt by Pelosi to come to the aid of Don Bacon's primary opponent. In a breaking Politico story, the Executive Director of the DCCC, Kelly Ward, confirmed this assessment with the quote from above.

The Don Bacon campaign once again calls on Brad Ashford and Chip Maxwell to condemn this manipulation attempt in the Nebraska primary. The silence from both of them, particularly Chip Maxwell, demonstrates failed leadership and a willingness to be complicit with the Democrat establishment in Washington. If Chip Maxwell is really concerned about "the establishment" he needs to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and demand that the Democrat Washington establishment immediately stop with their attempt to bolster his candidacy in the Nebraska Republican primary.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are releasing a second ad as they attempt to double down on their efforts to defeat Don Bacon. In the end, Republicans will reject this Pelosi interference despite the silence of Chip Maxwell. The Bacon campaign is confident that victory will be achieved in both May and November because voters are rejecting politics as usual from career politicians and they want a proven military leader who bring will bring conservative solutions to our nation's problems.