Issue Position: Environment and the Great Lakes

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2016
Issues: Environment

Michigan is a beautiful state, home to an abundance of natural resources, and it's our responsibility to preserve our air, land and water for future generations of Michiganders. I represent 77 miles of beautiful Lake Huron shoreline, and in Congress, I've spearheaded efforts to protect our Great Lakes from harm.

Whether protecting our lakes from invasive species such as Asian Carp or the threat from Canadian nuclear waste, I have consistently fought to preserve Michigan's natural resources. That's because every year our Great Lakes propel our state economy, generating $62 billion in annual economic activity, according to one study, and supporting 1.5 million well-paying jobs in the tourism, boating and fishing industries.

Specifically, I have been an opponent of a plan by the Canadian government to build a proposed permanent nuclear waste storage site in Kincardine, Ontario -- less than one mile from Lake Huron. In Congress, I've introduced a resolution to object to this plan and have been working with both the U.S. and Canadian government to find a different location for this proposed facility. Burying nuclear waste near the Great Lakes is an unnecessary threat to our fresh water lakes, which would be forever changed if they were contaminated. Nuclear waste so dangerously close to our shared water basin is just too much of a risk to take.