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Issue Position: Defense

Issue Position

Congress has no greater responsibility providing for America's national defense. Whether, it's the growing asymmetrical threat from radical Islamic terrorist, an emboldened Russia, or a potential nuclear Iran, America faces dynamic and evolving threats and must have the military capabilities to respond to these threats.

I am proud that Arizona's is a leader in the military and defense community. Over the last fifteen years of hostilities, Arizona's service members have routinely distinguished themselves and served bravely in Iraq and Afghanistan. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Luke Air Force Base are two of the nation's premier military installations in the country. Fort Huachuca is home to the Army's Intelligence Center and leader in the field of cyber and network security. Moreover, in Yuma some of the most elite Special Operations Forces are trained to become masters of their skills.

As your representative in Washington, I work tirelessly to ensure our service members are properly trained and equipped to effectively execute and accomplish any mission we call on them to carry out. This includes fighting to protect the A-10 Thunderbolt, which continues to provide crucial and lifesaving close-air support (CAS) for our war fighters on the ground, from being needlessly retired by the Air Force. For over twenty years, the A-10 has proved its unsurpassed capabilities for protecting our service members from the enemy fire. While CAS is the A-10 primary role, it is far from its only role. The A-10 also assists in combat search and rescue operations, escorting helicopters and assets in and out of combat zones.

While serving as your Representative I will always support our Sailors, Soldiers, Marines and Airmen, and their families.