Sunshine State News - Anti-Common Core Groups Mostly Victorious in Florida Primary Elections

News Article

Date: Aug. 31, 2016

By Allison Nielson

Tuesday was a big day for some anti-Common Core groups, who had thrown their weight behind congressional and statewide candidates in the August primary. Florida anti-Common Core groups released several endorsements and voter guides to help voters determine which candidates talked the talk and walked the walk when it came to abolishing the controversial Common Core State Standards.

Here's how their candidates fared in the 2016 August primary:

CD 13-David Jolly-WIN
FPACC and anti-Common Core groups have easily hopped onboard with Jolly's moderate stance on many policies, especially when it comes to holding Washington accountable for the future of students. Jolly condemned Common Core and has spoken out against what the group sees as federal overreach by the U.S. Dept. of Education.

"He is the standard bearer for allegiance to truthfulness when engaging with the public," FPACC wrote.

Jolly sailed to victory Tuesday evening, taking 75 percent of the primary vote.