IRS Commissioner Should Lose His Job


Date: Sept. 13, 2016
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS-01) today stood with Congressman John Fleming as they introduced another motion to hold IRS Commissioner John Koskinen accountable for his actions. Huelskamp made the following statement:

"The American people were rightly outraged when the IRS targeted conservative organizations seeking to exercise their First Amendment rights. Commissioner Koskinen was hired to clean up the mess at the IRS. Instead, he obstructed, covered up and lied.

"President Obama has been unwilling to do the right thing and fire the Commissioner. If Congress is unwilling to exercise its Constitutional powers and hold Commissioner Koskinen accountable, the House and the Senate will merely continue down the path to becoming obsolete.

"Conservatives have been laying out the case in an intense, systematic way for months, and it is time for all Republicans to join us and stand with the American people. No one, especially a high-ranking Washington official, should be above the law. It is time for Congress to do what it should have done long ago -- hold someone in the Obama Administration accountable."