Letter to Governor Rick Scott, State of Florida, The Capitol - Hurricane Matthew


Date: Oct. 6, 2016
Location: Metairie, LA

Dear Governor Scott,
I am writing to you today with great concern over the recent decision by University of Florida (UF) Athletic Director Jeremy Foley to hold this weekend's UF vs. Louisiana State University (LSU) football game in Gainesville, Florida. Hurricane Matthew, currently a category four, is wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and is, unfortunately, projected to hit Florida in the next twenty-four hours.
You have clearly been very thorough in your preparedness plan, however UF's decision endangers the safety and well-being of not only the players of UF and LSU, but also the fans, coaching staff, stadium workers, police, emergency medical technicians, and a host of other people who will have to travel to and stay in Gainesville if this game is held there.
The people of Louisiana know all too well the dangers associated with hurricanes of this magnitude as they hit land. The scars left by Hurricane Katrina, which hit over 11 years ago, resulted in over 1,800 fatalities in the Louisiana-Mississippi area and devastated the region, including Florida.
As Louisiana's senior Senator and a citizen of the State whose family was affected by Katrina, I can assure you that moving a football game to another location to ensure the safety and well-being of several thousand people will be the easiest decision you will make today.
There are numerous options at UF's disposal to safely conduct this game, including rescheduling for a later date, and I implore you to discuss these with UF's Athletic Department. Again, unless you and the UF Athletic staff want to end up on a segment of ESPN's "C'mon Man," I urge you to work with the Athletic Department at UF to reconsider hosting this weekend's game in Gainesville.