Joe Garcia Speaks to the Issues at Kendall Candidate Forum, Curbelo Absent

Press Release

Date: Oct. 21, 2016
Location: Kendall, FL

Tonight, Joe Garcia attended the Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations Candidate Forum to have a discussion with Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo about the economy, healthcare, education and many other important issues. There was only one problem, Curbelo didn't show.

"Curbelo says he is proud to be a resident of Kendall but can't even show up to answer questions from the neighbors he is supposed to represent," said Javier Hernandez, spokesperson for the Garcia Campaign. "Curbelo should be here to answer for his votes to cut student Pell Grants by $84 billion, to strip women of vital reproductive health services, and to repeal Obamacare and replace it with nothing."

Republican Congressman and former lobbyist Curbelo voted to cut Pell Grants by $84 billion, despite the fact 31,000 students from his district count on the assistance to go to college. Curbelo also blocked consideration of the Paycheck Fairness Act, twice, which would have given women equal opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. Curbelo even called Social Security a Ponzi scheme just like Donald Trump, and went even further in calling Medicare a Ponzi scheme too.

"Families in Kendall work hard to make ends meet and I'm happy to have a dialogue about ways to move this community forward," said Joe Garcia, candidate for Florida's 26th Congressional District. "It's clear South Florida needs more meaningful infrastructure investments that alleviate traffic and creates good paying jobs--which is a priority I plan to work on with the Hilary Clinton administration."

In Congress, Garcia delivered for his district. He successfully cut student loan rates, which have since dropped to their lowest point in 10 years. Garcia was also an advocate for clean water and the environment, having secured $200 million for everglades restoration and an additional $2 million in funding for water quality improvements. He was also successful in securing federal dollars for job training in South Florida and for local transportation projects.