Major Nonpartisan LGBTQ Organization, SAVE, Proudly Recommends Joe Garcia for Congress

Press Release

One of Florida's leading nonpartisan LGBTQ rights organizations has proudly chosen former Congressman Joe Garcia as the right person to represent Florida's 26th Congressional District for his work advocating for equality.

In their announcement, SAVE stated "Joe Garcia's extensive public record in support of LGBTQ equality--as well as his solid pro-equality record in Congress--persuaded our panelists in his favor." They added that "during his term as congressman, Joe served South Florida's LGBTQ community admirably, garnering SAVE's Champion of Equality Award in 2013 for his sponsorship of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act and his efforts to protect LGBT immigration rights in the reform package under consideration."

Garcia also advocated for the LGBTQ community prior to being in Congress. In 2001, he led the Cuban American National Foundation in opposing the repeal of the Miami-Dade Human Rights Ordinance.

"One of my guiding principles is that every person should be treated equally--that is why I'm honored SAVE would recognize my work in support of the LGBTQ community, and look forward to continuing the push for anti-discrimination policies in Congress," said Joe Garcia, candidate for Florida's 26th Congressional District.

In Congress, Garcia served as the Vice-Chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus. He helped pass the bipartisan reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, extending rape and domestic violence protections to members of the LGBTQ community. He also cosponsored legislation to repeal DOMA, and signed an amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to strike down DOMA.

On the other hand, his Republican opponent, Congressman Carlos Curbelo has failed to support the Equality Act which would give the LGBTQ community discrimination protection under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

SAVE and its education arm, the SAVE Foundation, help raise awareness about rights and protections for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The SAVE Action PAC endorses both Republican and Democratic candidates seeking office who support its goals. Through this process, it educates candidates about the issues affecting the LGBTQ community.