South Florida Activists Protest Campaign Visit by Paul Ryan for Vulnerable Republican Congressman, Carlos Curbelo

Press Release

Date: Oct. 19, 2016
Location: Miami, FL

Today, the Joe Garcia campaign, Florida Democratic Party and dozens of South Florida community activists protested the visit of Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan at the office of Rep. Carlos Curbelo. Speaker Ryan's visit is an attempt to offer support to vulnerable Republican leader, Congressman Curbelo who is losing to former Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia according to the most recent poll.

South Florida CD26 community activist Dr. Leonarda Duran led the protest and submitted a letter demanding that her Republican representative, Carlos Curbelo, revoke his support of Speaker Ryan because of his endorsement of Trump and commitment to blocking immigration reform for our families.

"Carlos Curbelo pretends to be for immigration reform, yet he brings Trump's lapdog and the chief opponent of immigration reform in the House, Speaker Paul Ryan, to South Florida in order to raise money for his losing campaign," said Mayra Macias, Political Director of the Florida Democratic Party. "So long as Curbelo stands by Republican Speaker Ryan and his endorsement of Trump, the people of this community will oppose him.

"The people of South Florida know Republican Speaker Ryan's anti-immigrant, anti-woman and anti-worker history in Congress, and it's unfortunate that Mr. Curbelo supports him as some sort of champion," said Joe Garcia, candidate for Florida's 26th Congressional District. "I'm proud of my work in Congress opposing the hurtful policies of Republican leadership and extremists like Trump, and pledge to continue that fight as the CD26 representative."

Garcia was the sponsor of the last comprehensive immigration reform bill to be filed in the House. When the Republican leadership refused to hold a vote on the bill, Garcia led a group of Democratic lawmakers in asking President Obama to take action, which he did in the form of DAPA.

In comparison, Curbelo has gone on radio to support legal action against deportation protection for millions of families. In the same interview, he flatly said he did "not support amnesty," and called for the deportation of children and teenagers detained during the 2014 border crisis. In Congress, he continued to oppose the President's use of executive actions over immigration. He is a die-hard supporter of House Speaker Paul Ryan, even going as far as saying he is "always all-in for Paul Ryan". The same Paul Ryan who pledged to take no action on immigration reform, and who has endorsed Donald Trump and his hateful rhetoric.