Gibbs Votes to Extend Sanctions Against Iran

Press Release

Date: Nov. 16, 2016
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Defense

Despite the efforts of the Obama Administration to loosen sanctions on Iran through the irresponsible nuclear deal last year, Congress is ensuring the Iranian regime is being held accountable.

The House passed the Iran Sanctions Extension Act this afternoon, extending existing sanctions by another ten years. The measures were originally passed in 1996 to impose economic sanctions on Iran and companies doing business with Iran.

The legislation passed today gives Congress the authority immediately re-impose sanctions, also called "snap-back", if it is found Iran has restarted its nuclear weapon development program.

"We cannot let Iran off the hook as they continue to fund terrorist groups and regimes hostile to the United States," said Congressman Bob Gibbs after the vote. "Iran should not be rewarded for behavior that threatens us or our allies in the Middle East. President Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran is reckless and until Iran can prove it is not moving forward with a nuclear weapons program and funding terrorist groups, Congress should keep economic sanctions against Iran in place."