Rep. Salmon Statement on the Passing of Fidel Castro


Date: Nov. 26, 2016
Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) today released the following statement after the death of communist Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

"With the death of Fidel Castro it should be a new day for the Cuban people. Throughout his dictatorship, the Cubans suffered from economic malaise and both religious and political persecution. Sadly, these policies continue under current President Raul Castro and the Cuban people continue to suffer under a crippling tyranny that stifles their economic freedom and curtails their basic human rights.

"In spite of this, the Obama Administration has naively moved to normalize relations with Cuba. Their optimism is sadly misplaced. The Cuban people remain captive to a tyrant who exploits their work and fails to guarantee them the most basic human rights. While the death of Fidel Castro should bring change to the Cuban people, sadly it will likely mean little to the average Cuban.

"I hope that President-elect Trump will advocate for real change in Cuba and help rescue the Cuban people from the backward policies that continue to enslave them."