Reed Stands with Israel


Date: Jan. 3, 2017
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Tom Reed remains committed to standing with Israel after the latest blow to Israeli sovereignty from the Obama Administration and the United Nations. "We care about keeping Americans safe. Peace in the Middle East ensures a more secure world for everyone and that's why we must stand with Israel," said Reed. "The UN resolution that the Obama Administration failed to stop isn't just a deviation from American foreign policy and common sense, but it makes the world a far more dangerous place."

In the wake of the adoption of a one-side resolution at the United Nations (UN), the House will take up a resolution of its own later this week which formally opposes the UN measure and calls for its repeal. The House resolution will reiterate the need for a bilateral peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and warns that similar measures in the future will hinder that process.

"This is just the capstone of the President's failed foreign policies which placate our enemies, betray our allies and makes our world more dangerous," said Reed. "It's just not right."

The UN resolution, which was agreed to by the UN Security Council late last month, accuses Israelis of unlawfully occupying territory in East Jerusalem. The same territory is home to some of Judaism's holiest sites, including the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

Historically, the United States has used its position as a permanent member on the UN Security Council to thwart these anti-Israel resolutions, in recognition of the detriment these they have on the peace agreement process.

"We have to undo the damage inflicted by this resolution for the sake of stability in the region. We are looking forward to working with the Trump administration to fortify America's relationship with Israel very soon," Reed concluded.