Letter to the Hon. Donald Trump - Regarding Trade


Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for your commitment to pursuing strong and enforceable bilateral trade agreements between the United States and our allies around the globe. Trade has been and continues to be instrumental in growing our nation's economy, creating U.S. jobs, promoting American-made products and services, and advancing our values.

The United States needs new and open markets to export our manufactured goods, agricultural products, and services. Developing export markets for agriculture products in particular has supported jobs for farmers, ranchers, and communities dependent on a strong rural economy, but more needs to be done to build on this progress and eliminate persistent barriers that continue to place U.S. producers at a competitive disadvantage.

We write in support of negotiating strong and fair trade agreements to reduce tariffs on American-made goods, promote U.S. jobs, enhance domestic and international investments, and address other barriers to growing our national economy. Unfortunately, across the nation, incomes in rural areas and manufacturing cities are down, creating a negative spillover effect across our economy. Given that 95 percent of the world's consumers live outside the United States, we must actively seek new international market opportunities for our exports to spur economic growth for our job creators here at home.

Trade also promotes American values -- counteracting the influence of other major economic powers that may not share our values and commitment to the rule of law. The United States should not retreat from our position as a global leader, leaving a void to be filled by less friendly governments. By making the pursuit of strong, fair, and enforceable trade agreements a priority of your Administration, the United States will demonstrate its commitment to our allies and build new alliances important to global security.

Trade is a vital part of our domestic economic strategy and a pillar of our national defense. We look forward to working with your Administration to pursue and implement strong, enforceable trade deals providing economic opportunity and security for hardworking Americans, while offering stability across the globe.