Aderholt Statement on President Trump's Address to Congress


Date: March 1, 2017
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04) tonight released the following statement in regard to President Donald Trump's message to a joint session of Congress.

"As I expected and hoped for, President Trump gave a message to Congress that he is committed to making sure Washington is no longer 'business as usual.' After eight years of a White House that took a passive, apologetic approach to America and the world, we finally have a President who has announced America is back and literally wants it to be great again.

"President Trump's plan to strengthen our military is greatly needed. If we are to win the war against ISIS, contain China, and keep a watchful eye on Russia, the size and capability of our armed forces needs to increase.

"I am also glad to hear that the President will put forth a plan to rein in the Federal bureaucracy. For example, the EPA has run amok with a busy-body attitude with farmers that literally tried to regulate mud puddles on their farms, not to mention the "War on Coal.'

"However, President Trump has now passed the baton to Congress. It is now up to us. We must get to work to accomplish the mandate voters sent in November or Congress will face the people's wrath next year."