Gov. Christie: I Wouldn't Trade Places With Anyone In The World Than To Be A Citizen In This Country


Student: What were your thoughts on everything that's going on in the world today?
Governor Christie: Well all right well, Kyle? Listen, the world is never, here's what you need to know no matter what time you live in the history of the world it's not easy. The world is not designed to be easy, the world in fact I think is designed by God to be challenging, for him to challenge us every day with new problems and new opportunities and so there's lots of stuff going on in the world today. You saw the gas attacks in Syria, terrible thing for one human being to do to another human being. To watch those people suffer and die in those attacks is a terrible thing and we should fight against that kind of stuff in the world that's why I'm glad the President did what he did last night to send a message to those folks that if you're going to kill innocent life then we're going to try to destroy the things you used. He didn't kill people last night, he destroyed the planes and the other equipment that they used to kill those people. Now that kind of stuff is hard to watch and nobody should want us to be in those situations but America is a leader and we need to continue to help lead the world into a positive place. But there is also lots of great stuff going on in the world that we have to emphasize too I mean you know you think about the fact that everybody it seems, and I'm looking in here and most of you are carrying these things. You have a computer in your pocket that you can communicate with anybody, any place in the world while you're sitting here and listening to me. You can talk to anybody, you can email, you can text, you can look up things on the internet and you never have to move from sitting in your chair and having this thing this size in your hand. I remember when my kids first started taking computers in the second grade at their elementary school and my daughter asked, my oldest daughter asked, who was your second grade computer teacher? And I said there were no computers when I was in second grade. Think about how crazy the world has gone in a good way that you now have access to information that I would have never had when I was your age. You can answer the question to anything, you go on google and answer almost any question you want to find out. So there are tough things happening in the world people who are starving in sub-Saharan Africa, people who are dying of AIDS in Africa, people who don't have enough to eat in East Asia, you know folks who are suffering poverty in our own country, there are problems in the world that we have to try to fix but there are also amazing opportunities in the world that you can take advantage of that I could have never dreamed of. And so whenever you're thinking about what's going on in the world, yes think about the problems and how to solve them but also think about how lucky you are. How old are you?

Student: 14

Governor Christie: Ok. So you're a 14 year old young man in the greatest country the world has ever known. I sat and listened to a speech just on Monday night from David Cameron who is the former Prime Minister of Great Britain and at the end they asked him a question about the future of our country and it was someone who was concerned about the future of our country and one of the things he said was, as someone who lives in another country, who was the leader of another country, he said remember, everyone in the world still wants to be in America. Everybody in the world wants to have the life that you all have the chance to live here in the United States of America. Everybody strives to have the justice system you have, to have the system of laws that you have, to have the system of government that you have and so while the people can put up all the problems about America, and there's plenty, I don't think there is another place in the world you'd rather be a 14 year old young man than growing up in New Jersey, in the United States, with every educational opportunity and every other opportunity you have here at your fingertips. And here's the only thing that will limit you, and it's the only thing that limits Kyle, is hard work. If you asked him, I am sure, how did he become a professional hockey player, yea it's certain skills that God gave him, and yea he's had great coaching, but in the end it's how hard was he willing to work and still willing to work every day to make himself better. And that's all that challenges you. Only thing that limits you in this country is how hard you're willing to work. If you're willing to work hard, you're going to have a great life here. So yea, we have some problems in our country we've got to fix and we'll keep working on them and the problems that I fix, you won't have to. Or maybe we'll re-break them again between now and the time when you become an adult and we've got to fix them again. But we're going to have the chance in this country to fix our problems. But lots of other countries don't have the opportunities we have here to begin new things and have new opportunities and be judged on our merit. So I think what's going on in the world is kind of interesting, it always is. It's challenging, it's difficult, sometimes it's sad but I wouldn't trade places with anybody else anywhere else in the world than to be a citizen in this country.