Bipartisan Climate Caucus Reaches Thirty-Four Members from Across the Country, Evenly Split between Democrats, Republicans

Press Release

Reaching new heights, Representatives Carlos Curbelo (FL-26) and Ted Deutch (FL-22), the co-Chairs of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, welcomed ten new Members of Congress to the Caucus, increasing the total membership to 34 members evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans.

The newest members of the Caucus are Reps. Darrell Issa (CA-49), Juan Vargas (CA-51), Rodney Davis (IL-13), Jerry McNerney (CA-09), John Faso (NY-19), Thomas Suozzi (NY-03), Pete King (NY-02), Dan Lipinski (IL-03), Tom Reed (NY-23), and Anna Eshoo (CA-18).

The mission of the Climate Solutions Caucus is to educate members on economically-viable options to reduce climate risk and to explore bipartisan policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate. As determined by the co-chairs, the Caucus membership will consist of equal representation by Democrats and Republicans.

"The interest our caucus has gained in the first few months of this new Congress shows there is a growing, bipartisan coalition of Members of Congress ready to find real solutions to climate change issues," Curbelo said. "This caucus has such a diverse group of members and each brings unique perspectives to the table. We have a responsibility to our constituents and future generations to have productive discussions about market-based solutions, investments, and innovations that could mitigate the effects of climate change and make our nation more resilient. I'm thankful to these new Members for joining our efforts, and I look forward to our work together."‎

"Americans from across the political spectrum are demanding that Congress put politics aside to act on climate change," said Deutch. "The remarkable growth and diversity of this Caucus sends a clear signal to the White House and the American people that Congressional Democrats and Republicans are ready to work together on paramount issues like climate change. I look forward to working with my Caucus colleagues to explore bipartisan legislative initiatives to address the growing challenges of climate change."

"Fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of our natural resources don't have to be be mutually exclusive," said Issa. "Coastal communities, like mine in Southern California, are counting on us to come up with solutions that encourage a strong and vibrant economy, while also ensuring we are taking care of our environment. We shouldn't be forced to choose between unworkable new taxes or complete inaction. With the new administration and newly united government, I think we have an opportunity to take fresh look at this problem and see what we can be accomplished in a bipartisan manner. Our district is one of the most beautiful places in the nation. It's our responsibility to ensure we protect it for our children and grandchildren."

"Climate change is very real and its effects will impact humanity for future generations," Vargas said. "We must act quickly to develop policy solutions that address and alleviate the effects of climate change on our planet. I'm glad to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus to collaborate with my colleagues and draft practical legislation that effectively manages the threats of our changing climate."

"An all-of-the-above energy plan is what is best for our country's future and I believe this caucus can help foster a productive, bipartisan conversation," Davis said. "From nuclear power, which is virtually carbon-free and powers half of Illinois, to coal, which provides one-third of our nation's electricity, my home state of Illinois relies on multiple energy sources to be successful and I believe that must be at the heart of any climate discussions. I believe this bipartisan caucus will help ensure that as we discuss issues related to climate, we focus on solutions that are economically viable and recognize the progress we have already made."

"I am pleased to join the Climate Solutions Caucus," said McNerney. "It's more important now than ever that we work together on a bipartisan basis -- in Congress and across the country - to address our changing climate. The Climate Solutions Caucus provides a great forum for members of both sides of the aisle to discuss issues affecting their constituents and addressing a sensible path for increased clean energy sources and reducing carbon emissions."

"Climate change solutions should be based on the latest scientific developments in the field that balance conservation with the urgent need for economic growth and jobs," said Faso. "I'm looking forward to working with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to find solutions that will address and mitigate the impacts of climate change so that we can pass on a clean environment and robust economy to the next generation."

"Protecting our natural environment isn't a partisan issue -- it's our shared responsibility," Suozzi said. "I'm honored to join my colleagues from both sides of the aisle on the Climate Solutions Caucus and look forward to working with them on addressing the impacts of climate change in my district in New York and around the nation."

"It is imperative that Congress find bipartisan solutions which will not only improve our economy but alleviate the impacts of climate change and ensure America's energy independence from violent and unpredictable regions," King said. "I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Climate Solutions Caucus."

"I am very happy to be joining the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus along with my Republican colleague Rep. Peter King," said Lipinski. "As an engineer and senior member of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, I have always been a strong advocate of finding innovative ways to address the problems facing our nation and the world, including climate change. During my time in Congress I have supported measures to combat climate change, including helping to introduce the bipartisan Raise Wages, Cut Carbon Act. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the caucus to find bipartisan climate solutions."

"As a supporter of an 'all of the above' energy approach, this caucus will help foster a beneficial, bipartisan conversation on the climate issues we face. We will work to find a sensible path forward regarding clean energy sources," Reed said.

"Global climate change is one of the most critical issues facing our nation and our planet," Eshoo said. "Across the American landscape, including my Congressional District, people are experiencing the hottest years on record and enduring severe floods, wildfires and droughts. If we don't take action now, the consequences will be irreversible. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Caucus to work on bipartisan solutions to this problem."