Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Legislation Naming Memorial Highway in Honor of Army Staff Sgt. James Bondsteel

Press Release

A portion of Highway US-12 will be named in honor of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. James Bondsteel, under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder. Sgt. Bondsteel was serving in the Vietnam War when he earned the Medal of Honor for his courageous actions during combat that saved multiple lives.

"Staff Sgt. Bondsteel is the true definition of an American hero, bravely risking his life to save others during the Vietnam War," Snyder said. "Naming this portion of highway in his honor not only recognizes his service, but also ensures that the story of his courage and bravery will be memorialized for generations to come."

House Bill 4057, sponsored by state Rep. Eric Leutheuser, names a portion of Highway US-12 as the "James Bondsteel Memorial Highway." The portion of Highway US-12 is in Hillsdale County within the Jonesville city limits. It is now Public Act 28 of 2017.

Snyder also signed five additional bills:

House Bills 4063 and 4064, sponsored by state Reps. Laura Cox and Tom Barrett, respectively, amend the Michigan Penal Code to prohibit an individual from intentionally pointing a beam of directed energy, such as laser pointers, at or into the path of an aircraft or moving train. Violations would be considered a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a maximum fine of $10,000. The measures are now Public Acts 29-30 of 2017.

House Bills 4203 and 4204, sponsored by state Reps. Beau LaFave and Triston Cole, respectively, allow an individual's photo and signature, which are collected during the application process for a driver's license or state identification card, to be shared with the Michigan State Police for use in providing a concealed pistol license. The measures are now Public Acts 31-32 of 2017.

House Bill 4329, sponsored by state Rep. Jeff Yaroch, permits $100,000,000 in Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) federal funding to be used for water treatment plant improvements, service line and water meter replacement, distribution system upgrades, corrosion control and other infrastructure needs in Flint. It is now Public Act 33 of 2017.

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